The Mysteries of Meshtun

Game Session 1
Saturday, Aug 1, 2009

Session: 1 August 2009

Meet Alopius, a shifter, and Korikas, at job in Trandle. Interested in “guard Job”. Introduced to Sergeant Thistle. Notice his bad shoulder. Meet a short, young hafling named Jack. Three of us take on freelance work: 20 gp per assignment, 5 gp upfront. Mission: accompany patrol along road to Kip. Trandle’s authorities have received message from another town about a missing resident. Camp with Alopius and Korikas.

Next day: Journey with soldiers. leader is a dragonborn. Camp in clearing in woods between towns. On middle watch. Hear wolves close-by. Five come into clearing. More wolves appear. Take down several wolves, some flee. Let unconscious wolves go. Next day arrive at halfling village of Underfur. Speak with Mother Bluebell. Local elf wizard hasn’t been seen in 6 months. Tower was destroyed through explosion; area is silent, has aura of fear and horrible stench. Wizard has a drow apprentice. Entertain kids and townfolk.

Next day: Head to tower: ruined due to explosion. (Magical and extraplanar in origin.) Stench is that of rotting flesh. Defeat three wolves of demonic (Abyssal) and elemental origin.


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