Lord Mayor Barleyburr

A rotund and jolly halfling


Lord Mayor Barleyburr has been in charge of the Haven-town of Trandle for the last 10 years. A jolly, fat halfling – he exudes confidence and success, and is very popular among the halflings, of both town and country. Barleyburr is famous for his lush beard – most halfling males can only grow the whispiest of chin hair – and rumors abound that Barleyburr’s mother might not have been halfling at all!

Mrs. Barleyburr is several years younger, and the couple have 5 young children.

They dwell in a fine house in Truetown, not far from the Moothouse. The Barleyburr clan is famous for its beer breweries and taverns.


Barleyburr was elected into office by the faction of halflings called “The Children of Avandra”. This group is very conservative and remembers with nostalgia the ‘old days’ when halflings lived in peace and Trandle had only a wooden palisade around what is now called ‘Truetown’. They resent the stone walls, permanent army and resulting high taxes that have transformed Trandle into ‘one those HUMAN places’. A small fringe group of the “Trueburrows” have devolved in racism and have taken up the mantra ‘Halflings for halflings, and Avandra take the rest!’.

Lord Mayor Barleyburr

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