Sergeant Thistle

A good-natured commander in the Haven Guards


Sergeant Thistle has been with the Trandle Haven Guards for over 25 years. He is a good-natured, blunt sort of fellow, and well-liked by his soldiers and the townspeople as a whole. His wife and children reside in Trandle, and one of his sons is now a member of the Haven Guards as well.

General Thornstump has entrusted Thistle with the running of the ‘foreign’ element of the Haven Guards. There are about 350 non-halflings, most of them human, but with a good smattering of dwarves (40) , elves (30) and half-elves (25). There are about 15 gnomes, 10 dragonborn and only 5 goliath guards.

The 350 non-halfling guards pull most of the weight with regards to road patrols, and many of them belong to the small cavalry.


Sergeant Thistle

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