Eastern Lakes Region

This important eastern region of North Meshtun lies between the massive Doomspire Mountains and the lesser, but still formidable Eastern Teeth Mountains. The immense drainage basin of the Alera River extends from the frigid Dragon Vale to the coast of the Golden Strait and the Kingdom of Aledia.

In the middle of this great river basin lies the Eastern Lakes Region – a system of interconnected lakes that divides the Alera River into its Upper and Lower stretches. The lakes, from north to south are, Moonstone Meer, Dragon Lake, The Long Lakes, The Lake of Dreams and the Lake of Riasa. (Moonstoon Mere and the Lake of Riasa do not actually lie on the Alera River, but rather, by means of tributaries, feed into the Alera.)

The Eastern Lakes Region has always been a frontier land and was never incorporated into the once vast Golden Kingdom of the humans. Many of the better-tempered humanoid races have found a home among these lakes and forests, and over thousands of years have carved out safe havens in the wilds. Halflings have thrived along the rivers and lake shores. Elves and the rarer eladrin form distinct communities in the dense, primeval forests. The eladrin remain somewhat aloof from the elves and the other races, as they consider the Feywild to be their true home. Gnomes prefer the forested hills of the Eastern Teeth Mountains while many dwarven strongholds can be found in the high passes of the Doomspire Mountains. In the wilder parts to the north, small clans of shifters have prospered and in recent years, tiny communities of goliaths have sprouted up high in the Eastern Teeth Mountains. There are also small groups of centaurs that roam the northern parts of the region. They often form alliances with the goliaths and the shifters. All together, these various groups call themselves the ‘friendly peoples’ or the ‘friendly folk’.

But the last five hundred years have been hard ones for the residents of these lands. Waves of barbarian invasions have pushed the ‘friendly peoples’ back and forced them to fortify their towns and villages. Orcs, goblins, gnolls and even fouler beings have swept across the continent. The lake region is now cut off from the human lands along the Golden Strait, and few dare to travel down the Alera through the Lost Lands to the south. The borders of the Lost Lands keep creeping north, and every year there are tales of small villages of halflings, gnomes and humans that are slaughtered by marauding bands of goblins, orcs and gnolls.

The far north of the Alera River basin has ever been a threat, for the Dragon Vale does not take its name from fantasy. The great flying wyrms of this region have had little to do with what they call the ‘tiny, crunchy things’ of the south. But recently political struggles among the wyrms have spilled over into the Lakes region.

Many refugee dwarves have flooded into the great delve of Eskun, high in the Doomspire Mountains, with dire stories of giants expanding their empires in the Doomspires.

Life is now much harder in the Eastern Lakes region, and many of the friendly folk despair, for their only escape seems to be through the high passes of the Eastern Teeth Mountains down to the rocky, storm-wracked shores of the World Ocean far to the east.

Important towns in the Eastern Lakes Region:

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Eastern Lakes Region

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