Golden Kingdom

Golden Kingdom Crest

The Golden Kingdom was once the largest empire on North Meshtun. It extended over most of the southern coast of the continent, and extended hundreds of miles inland, almost to the great mountains to the north.

Today, the kingdom is greatly reduced, only the ancient capital Pard’lu and the territories immediately around it still pay allegiance to the Golden King. Some of the lost provinces have maintained a semblance of civilization, with kings and dukes, lords and ladies. Other provinces have disappeared completely and are in ruins, or overrun with less civilized races.

Provinces that are now independent, but still remain close economic and cultural contact with the Golden Kingdom are:

The Sea Realm of Enyen

the land of Kes

the land of Kint

the Emirate of Pira

the Free States of Lanver

the Lictarian Protectorate

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Golden Kingdom

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