The Halfling Haven-town of Trandle is very old indeed. In better days it was merely Trandle, the main trade center for the hundreds of thousands of halflings that settled the banks of the rivers and lakes of the area. But for the past few centuries, this once open, and prosperous town has been the fortress city of the halflings – a walled haven, capable of absorbing thousands of refugees on a moment’s notice. It is the largest community in the Eastern Lakes Region.

In times of peace the city is run by the Mayor (Lord Mayor Barleyburr) and the Trandlemoot (25 wealthy citizens), but when in war mode, the halflings turn control over to the General (General Thornstump) and his Havenmoot (the 45 mayors of all the halfling villages and hamlets). These two parallel governments exist more or less peacefully side by side in the city, the former made up of prosperous guilds and farmers almost exclusively halfling, the latter being basically a military organization that employs many non-halfling mercenaries. Having a standing army is not the ‘halfling way’, but hard times call for hard solutions, and so far the halflings have made the system work. But there are tensions. For more information on the various political factions of Trandle read the descriptions of Lord Mayor Barleyburr and General Thornstump.

In peacetime the small city has a population that fluctuates between 8 and 9 thousand. But in wartime, up to 40 or 50 thousand may be crammed betweens its walls! Members of all the ‘friendly peoples’ can legally reside in Trandle, and many do, especially tradespeople. Because of this mix of races and cultures the Common spoken by the halflings is often supplemented by elvish and dwarvish, and many residents are tri-lingual – a common feature of all the peoples of the Lakes Region.

While the halflings revere Avandra and to a lesser extent Sehanine, they are not temple builders and only small shrines with one or two clerics in attendance is the norm. The other races in town also support small religious establishments dedicated to their favorite gods.


Inns: from cheapest to most expensive:
  • The Happy Hobbit
  • The Bright Daisy – cook, Gurden Thunderbowl, dwarf
  • the Dragon’s Claw. – cook, Sheridan Saucepan, halfling
Municipal buildings:
  • The Moothouse – used for both the Trandlemoot and the Havenmoot.
  • the Haven Guards – the headquarters and barracks, the General resides here.
  • the North and Southsilos – Huge stocks of food and clothing are maintained here in the event of a seige.
Other points of interest:
  • Truetown – the original core of Trandle, the high buildings and narrow streets are very un-halfling-like, if it were not for the round windows and doors. This is where the year-round population mainly live.
  • the North and Southhavens. These large areas are sparsely populated most of the time, and the houses are mainly burrows. But immense, empty, public burrows are maintained year-round in the event of a refugee crisis.
  • The Green – a garden area where municipal gardeners cultivate immense fields of flowers.
  • Trandleport – the halfling love of round construction has carved out a most unusual riverport on the Alera.
  • The Great Road (east to Nivila, west to Kip), paved through the town, it reverts back to hard-packed dirt once it leaves the eastern and western gates.


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